Why I’m Doing This

First — welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

This is a short post about why I started this blog, what I hope to accomplish with it, and what you can expect to see from me moving forward.

I’m doing this in my spare time. I work in television which, coincidentally, is all about time.

The emphasis in the world of TV is: short, sweet, and to the point — and then make it shorter.

It’s somewhat logical, really. Many of us have incredibly short attention spans. Unless something informs or entertains us — we move on, change the channel, or look down at our phones.

Since there is only a finite amount of time in each hour and day, stories are kept short in order to fit more things into that window of people’s free time. That helps inform you about a lot of different subjects.

Like everything there are exceptions (disasters, breaking local/national/international news, etc.) But overall that line of thinking can come at a cost: a lack of depth and context. Sometimes those get trimmed down due to a time shortage.

I’ve often found myself wanting to expand on some topics but could not due to a lack of time. This will be the space I use to do that with. It will be focused on one of the things I’m most passionate about: hockey.

It’s a game that’s fascinated me for truly as long as I can remember. As someone who grew up watching Eric Lindros and the Philadelphia Flyers, they will be a frequent but not exclusive topic here.

I’m also planning on writing quite a bit on Seattle’s potential-but-increasingly-inevitable NHL team, as well as other NHL-related musings from around the league that pop into my mind.

Many of these will be deep dive-type posts. They will not be very short, and they won’t be coming out each and every day. That’s in part because of my previously mentioned job, but I also want them to be thoroughly researched and written.

I’ll treat them like if I had a question pop into my brain that involved me going through a click-hole for who knows how long to find an answer, which then usually sparks more searches.

The history nerd in me will come through. So will the love of nostalgia induced by random player names (thanks Ron Tugnutt).

Above all else I hope you will either be informed or entertained — or both — by this. I want to provide you with the context and depth needed to help analyze parts of a game that I love which is truly a blast to watch.

I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback: let me know in the comments below, or send me an email at the bottom of the page.

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